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MontOra Software offers a fully completed software package for hotel and restaurant business.
It is the world best–known solution in this field called Micros–Fidelio.

MontOra Software has an exclusive contract for distributing Micros-Fidelio products for Montenegro.
With the realization of this partnership MontOra succeeded to bring at the market Montenegro technologically and functionally the highest-quality solution offered in the world, which was made according to the highest western standards for tourism.
For more than 20 years the Micros – Fidelio company has been the world leader which permanently works on software development and advancement.
This solution is of modular type, it is scalable and it can cover the companies which consist of one or more hotels, restaurants and bars. Solution follows all the segments of a company business, dealing starting from sale, reservations, reception, functioning of kitchen, restaurants and bars, to the following facilities of a hotel. A special advantage is that system can be installed in the smallest hotels (minimum of 4 rooms) and in the largest hotels(over 1000 rooms) and hotel chains as well.
A critical role in the realization of the hotel ICT projects has the company MontOra with the technological and functional support on the local level of Montenegro. Also, with the presence of the Montora experts at the terrain of Montenegro, the price of software implementation and maintenance is reduced. We hope that this partnership will largely help the tourist offer of Montenegro.
Also, depending on the demands range, the package can be implemented in the term of 15 to 60 days. It is important to stress that this software is translated into our language.

Success stories

In order to appear on the global online stock markets, domestic hotels must introduce modern solutions for hotel and restaurant management which rely on quality information system.
Hotel Bianca Resort & Spa is one of our clients who recognized the quality of the software package for hotel and restaurant management called Micros – Fidelio. In its no. 73, the magazine Internet Ogledalo Business &Technologies has dedicated an article to the implementation project and you can read that article here.
We expect Hotel Bianca Resort & Spa to serve as an example to the other hotel enterprises which want to raise the quality level of their services by applying the latest ICT solutions.

Advantages of FIDELIO Hotel Applications implementation

  • Minimal technical demands, standard operating systems:

Windows, LINUX, Unix....

  • Simplicity and speed of installation (15 to 60 days)

  • Simple training and good adaptation of applications for work

  • Possibility of direct connection and integration with other systems inside a hotel

(restaurant, mini bar, electronic locks, PayTV, air conditioning...)

  • Possibility of simultaneous work in several languages

  • Possibility of connection onto the global GDS reservation systems (Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre...) and the Internet reservation systems!

  • Hot line maintenance: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,

  • Intervention if necessary 0 – 24 hours,

  • Complex operations simple to use

  • Continuous system development and improvements by following technological innovations

  • Tools for creating your own reports

  • neprekidni razvoj i poboljšanja sistema

  • Proved savings by using the Fidelio system

  • 2 – 3 % of gross income per segment a year
  • to 30 % increased consumption in cafes and restaurants in which payment is connected with the hotel bill payment ( a bill connected with a hotel room).


  • Over 13 000 hotels worldwide use Micros Fidelio products

  • Over 180 world leading hotel chains use Micros – Fidelio products

  • Over 80 000 restaurants of different types worldwide use Micros – Fidelio products

  • Over 220 world leading restaurant chains use Micros – Fidelio products

  • Installations in 130 countries of the world

  • Fidelio works into 30 world languages, including our language

  • potential recordings for more than 1 000 000 rooms through Front Office

  • The smallest hotel: Bella Vista Hotel, Macao (8 rooms)

  • The largest hotel: The Westin St. Francis, USA (1189 rooms)

  • The best - known users in our region are: Hotel Hyatt Regency Belgrade, Hotel InterContinental (Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana), Sheraton(Zagreb, Sophia), Hotel Esplanade Zagreb, Hilton Sophia, Hotels Bernandin Portorož, Hotel Lev Ljubljana ...

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